Andry Medical’s Unique Approach

unique approachDr. Andry provides a level of comprehensive healthcare that is the exception in modern medicine. He starts by listening to you. Isn’t that where every revolution starts? And isn’t that what’s been missing in every medical encounter you’ve had so far?

Your body wants to work properly. It has or had all the ingredients necessary to do so. Chronic illnesses are the result of a displacement of these ingredients. And in order for your body to continue working properly after these ingredients have been replaced, you need to fortify them. Our bodies want to be healthy. They want to be at their optimal weight and with optimal muscle tone. Our skin wants to be clear, our eyes want to be sharp, etc. A good deal of what medicine can do to help with chronic conditions is to simply get out of the way. If an imbalance in your body is corrected, your body will perform the way it’s supposed to. Period. The addition of synthetic prescription drugs and processed food exacerbate these imbalances. Again, your body wants to fix itself. It needs specific nutrients in order to make the complex chemical and biological reactions that make your body healthy. Dr. Andry employs several straightforward techniques that consistently and across the board not only relieve chronic illness, but eliminate it.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your body produces specific hormones that regulate and communicate all traffic that goes on. These are the “currency” of your body, and all transactions that go on, from blood flow through mobility use this currency. As we age or when stresses or illness cause these hormones to go out of whack, different symptoms, often difficult to diagnose, can become chronic. Rebalancing specific hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, dopamine and serotonin have proven highly effective in not only managing chronic health issues, but reversing and ultimately removing them.

IV Vitamin Treatment

Vitamins are the fuel that powers the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. This is one of the primary reasons we eat food. Our diets don’t always (and don’t usually) provide us with the optimal balance of nutrition we need to function. We’re all familiar with over-the-counter vitamins in pill form. You probably took one this morning. But how long had these pills been sitting on the store shelf? Dr. Andry uses IV Vitamin Therapy to inject a combination of magnesium, calcium, vitamins B12, B6, B4 complex and vitamin C directly into your bloodstream. The nearly instantaneous absorption of these vital compounds into your body not only provide an immediate boost in energy, but enable these vitamins to circulate more quickly throughout your body, be absorbed faster, and retain more of the benefits.

Weight Management

Safe, effective weight loss that actually works. You’ve heard it before, usually on late night TV, but real weight loss involves not only dropping the pounds but keeping it off. Dr. Andry is a certified Bariatric specialist with over 12 years experience in helping patients get rid of the physical, hormonal and emotional problems that stem from excessive weight. Dropping weight too quickly can lead to both health issues and to you putting all the weight back on. Dr. Andry uses medically sound and proven techniques to not only help you lose weight and keep it off, but to become balanced and healthy in the process. Real weight loss begins with you. Dr. Andry requires your commitment. But once you commit, you’ll get all the help and support you need along the way. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not only possible, but is what your body wants to do. The health problems associated with obesity stem from imbalances caused by the taxation on the body of too much fat. We work from the inside out. Weight loss is about a whole lot more than how you look-it’s about living the life you want to live in the body that wants to be at its optimal weight.