Putting the Pieces of Good Health Together

MedicineThere’s a lot more to your body than meets the eye. Your eye is part of it, of course, but your body and your body’s health is about a lot more than the sum of its pieces. Your body is a complex biological machine that combines chemical reactions, electric signals, mechanical apparatus, lubrication and even a self-cleaning filtering system to allow you to be you. At its core is a guidance system, a hybrid of supercomputer, turbo engine and that one elusive piece that unites it all together. Whether you call it a soul, chakras, consciousness, whatever, the total human experience involves the sum total of who you are.

In conventional medicine, health and wellness most often come down to a one-to-one ratio of ailment to remedy. Doctors focus on solving the immediate problem with which you present. And while that is a valid and helpful course of treatment if you have, say, a gunshot wound, it does little to tackle long term health issues. The pop-a-pill mentality that has existed in medicine for generations is not only a temporary fix, but often leads to additional complications such as prescription drug addiction, drug side effects, and an exacerbation of what’s actually causing you trouble. Chronic conditions such as asthma, fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, upper respiratory tract infections, even seasonal allergies, all of these perplex modern medicine because there is no so-called “cure”.

Dr. Andry has a different approach. He recognizes that individual systems of the body don’t exist in a vacuum. Depression, for instance, presents both mental and physical symptoms. Depression has a cause. Focusing on one aspect of depression by prescribing an antidepressant may provide a chemical stimulation that helps alleviate the emotional cloud, but it doesn’t do a thing to help stop depression in the first place. Adding a chemical such as an antidepressant creates an unnatural chemical reaction in the body that, although temporarily dampens the sensations, often requires a lifetime of consistently higher doses to maintain a livable life.

The complex functionality of the human body requires much more than a single isolated synthetic drug to return to normal. Dr. Andry uses the technical advances of modern medicine as one weapon in his arsenal. Where traditional healthcare stops, that’s where Dr. Andry begins. The relationships that exist throughout the body are delicate. What we eat, what we breathe, the medicines we take, heredity, age, our vices- all of it combines to gum up the machine. Our bodies are very good at healing themselves. The kinds of hormones our bodies produce, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, all of it exists to regulate our health. What is health anyway but our bodies doing what they naturally want to do?

You can’t effectively run a machine in which all the parts aren’t working properly. Dr. Andry’s combination of high-tech medical diagnostic tools and the treatment of the entire body, not just the acute symptom, is creating a revolution in medicine. Long term chronic illness dominates our society. The business-as-usual, one-size-fits-all approach to healing isn’t working. Good health and sound bodies don’t have to be the exception. Chronic illness has a cause, and therefore has a solution. That solution is unique to you. What Dr. Andry is doing isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s simply putting all the pieces together.