Service Pricing

Provider New Patient and Follow-Up Appointments:

1. Dr. Andry: New Patient: $400; Follow-Up: $200

2. Kathy: New Patient: $300; Follow-Up: $150

3. Dana: New Patient: $300; Follow-Up: $150

Pellet Appointments:

1. BioTe Male: $700

2. BioTe Male (>2000mg): $775

3. BioTe Female: $400

4. Solutions Male: $425

5. Solutions Female: $250


1. LaDonna provides a free consultation to get your aesthetic treatment plan tailored to you! Schedule a free consultation by giving our office a call.

Lab Services

1. Draw fee: $25–We administer a draw fee for all of our labs done inoffice.

2. Out-of-pocket Labs and a Full Panel—If you don’t have insurance, your insurance doesn’t cover some of your labs, or you would rather pay for them out-of-pocket, that is a possibility at our office. We offer a variety of tests. A full panel of labs would be $250. You can also pay out-ofpockets for lab orders that aren’t considered to be a full panel. Your total would be based on the fees associated with each test that was ordered and drawn.